Private Stock Vault – Building a guitar with Paul Smith

Very seldom does a guitarist have the opportunity of taking the occasional stroll through the private stock vault at the PRS factory. As a musician, it’s very common to have your senses dulled over time due to large amounts of sacrifice or just seeing through the facade of perception that is required in this business to create the belief that a product is larger than what it truly is.

I came to this realization quite frequently in my youth as well as the earlier in my career. Some of the most pivotal moments in my life were working with people I idolized growing up, only to have them become the poster child of the type of person I swore I would never become. Breaking through the walls of perception of how you thought things would be in any profession is always a grounding experience. So grounding that it can turn a once ambitious person into a over-spent curmudgeon.

The polar opposite of this scenario in life is a situation like this. Not only is it the the closest it gets to the “Christmas morning” feeling that is replaced later in life with obligation, it is also a rare opportunity to learn and watch truly brilliant people collaborate and just be awesome at doing their thing. Working along side these types of people is not only a sign of encouragement, it makes you feel alive.


Dave Weiner (Steve Vai), Emil Werstler, Paul Smith 2011 JA-15 Demo

Paul is always great at throwing ideas at you based on your character as a player. The model we are choosing wood for is the JA-15. Although we were brainstorming at the time, this is what we all wound up agreeing on:

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