Full untitled performance from 2011

I take these annual trips to Stevensville, Maryland to perform a series of clinics and demonstrations at the PRS factory. This year in particular, I was asked to fill in for a gentleman that had a heart attack and could not travel to make the performance. At the time, I was the guy that was standing in front of my A&R when they received the news.

“Hey Emil.. can you go entertain for half an hour?”

I was completely out of planned material, but when I found out that Mike Ault and the Granger brothers were going to be filling in as well, I realized that something cool would most likely go down.

I can’t say enough about the Grangers and Mike. They are monster players and it goes to show that if you have a proper rhythm section, everything changes. Even if you are just making shit up, your ideas come out ten fold. You have added conviction because you know that these guys are pushing for something big to come out of you, while giving you the space required to make a statement.

This Video is from 2011. The music is improvised. The last thing said before we started playing was –

“What are we playing?”

Mike Ault – Guitar
Emil Werstler – Guitar
Greg Granger – Drums
Gary Granger – Bass
Filmed by Michael Corrigan

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  1. internet guy   •  

    hey Emil , great job on the blues you seemed to be enjoying it and in the moment . great stuff they seemed impressed to jam with ya .

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