Through the Darkness – an experimental short


Michael Corrigan has created a short experimental film featuring a track from the Daath self titled sessions entitled “Evolution Killer.” Very few people have heard this tune due to the fact that it is a Japanese bonus track. Why do other countries get bonus tracks?

(From Wikipedia)

Many international releases — most commonly Japanese releases of foreign artist albums, but not confined to just Japan, or just music going from West to East — contain a few bonus tracks. These are often B-sides from singles. Alternative takes are other tracks often released as bonus tracks. It has also been said that this is the industry’s way to get consumers to purchase albums from Japanese distributors, instead of the often less expensive imports from the West.

I see a record as a piece of art with each individual song contributing to the big picture. Although I understand the need for bonus tracks, I have never fully believed in them. Should Dali’s Persistence of Memory have an extra clock in let’s say.. Germany? It always seems like an after thought or a give away of less quality. Or even worse, It winds up being a cool tune that you never get to play – but since it has mystique and is not readily available to everyone, die hards will request that song nine times out of ten. To neutralize the problem, on most records, I always try to create something completely different that can stand on its own. This creates more momentum over the test of time instead of writing a throw away track.

To me, the self titled record is something to behold for more reasons than one. There is a saying in this business that I hear and say all the time which goes something like “Everyone has a record in their career that stains their soul.” This record and the majority of the team involved with it will attest just that. I’ve never worked on or seen others work as hard on something only to just be met by this universal resistance in every way. It’s as if we we were performing some sort of seance that if completed, the world would crack open and the apocolypse would proceed


typical grab

In typical music business fashion, no one knew this record even existed and was very much swept under the carpet by a person that wanted to manage the band in 2007, but we went elsewhere.. so he buried our work.  File that under “cult classic.”

Evolution Killer in particular was the last thing done on the last day.  I remember everyone being tied up yet hustling to beat the clock and while finishing odds and ends, the two people in the room were told “oh shit – we need a bonus track for Japan.. can you guys do something cool?.”  These two people wound up being myself and Eric Guenther.  Needless to say the ideas flowed right out and we rolled with it.


Music by Daath Ft. Emil Werstler and Eric Guenther: Evolution Killer

Created by Michael Corrigan

Color Photography contributed by Katie Troisi

There are no digital effects in this video.

Inspired by the work of Stan Brakhage


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